BIOME model

BIOME (Prentice et al., 1992) is a physiologically based model used to predict global patterns in vegetation physiognomy.  The input variables are:

Tmin: mean temperature of the the coldest month;

Tmax: mean temperature of the warmest month;

GDD5: growing degree-days on a 5C base;

GDD0: growing degree-days on a 0C base;

PTC: Priestley-Taylor coefficient of annual moisture availability.

NOTE: I have been unable to find a good description of how to calculate PTC.  This has delayed my inclusion of BIOME into ClimVegWin.  However, I think I am on safe ground by estimating it from the ratio of actual evapotranspiration (AE) to potential evapotranspiration (PE).  I obtained AE and PE values from the Thornthwaite procedure.

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