If you select the Chart | Plot climate data option, CLIMVEGWIN opens up a new window for a routine called CLIMatePLOT (CLIMPLOT).

To plot the data for the active site, press the Plot climate diagram button.  Up to four data series will be plotted, depending on availability of required data:

1) a light blue bar chart for monthly precipitation totals in centimeters (cm);

2) a green line series of mean monthly temperature in degrees centrigrade (C);

3) a red line series absolute maximum monthly temperatures in degrees centigrade (C);

4) a dark blue line series absolute minimum monthly temperature in degrees centigrade (C).

The CLIMPLOT window includes a File menu with options to save and/or print the climate diagram.

To save the diagram (in enhanced Windows metafile format), select the File | Save menu option.  Use the dialog box provided to enter the name of the plot and to select the location where the metafile should be saved.

To close the CLIMPLOT window, either select the File | Exit menu option or press the Exit chart button.

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