Use the following instructions to guide you through the QC-1000 Setup Menu and setup the system for your operation.

Partial setup may be accomplished if only some parameters need be changed. These changes can be selected within the setup mode and saved by pressing the DISPLAY ON key. The unit will revert to normal operation, and the new settings will be in effect. This method does not require the operator to continue through the whole program.

The setup mode may be aborted at any time by pressing the DISPLAY OFF key and any changes made to the program will not be saved.


  1. To enter the Setup mode, hold down the DISPLAY ON key and press the PRINT key.
    "c o d E" message shows in the master axis window.
  2. Enter the code using the following key sequence: PRINT, DEG/DMS, ZERO, PRINT, ZERO, REF. .
  3. To scroll through the major program steps (Set Axis, Options, Self Test, and Factory Set (indicated by bold letters)), press the PRINT key. See the setup menu.
  4. To enter the program steps of the menu subroutine levels, press the ZERO key. See the setup menu.
  5. To change the defalt settings, enter the appropriate subroutine:
    1. scroll to the desired submenu entry, press the PRINT key to change the entry and press the ZERO key to save it.
    2. follow the instructions provided in the Numeric Entry paragraph for a numeric entry.
  6. To reset the QC-1000 to the factory default settings, select Factory Reset from the setup menu then press the Zero key.
  7. Press the DISPLAY ON key anytime to exit the program and save the setting.
  8. Press the DISPLAY OFF key anytime to abort the program, keep the previous settings and turn off the display.