Numeric Entry

Numeric entry is a setup menu selection provided for number enter during setup. If the number is an axis-specific parameter it is shown in that axis display. If it is a system parameter it is shown in the master unit display.

The first setting shown is the factory default or last value set. Some entries are dimensioned. Where a dimension is required a lighted message is displayed (INCH, MM, DEG, or DMS) and the current units key can be used to change the units.

Numeric Entry Steps

  1. Select the digit to change using the INCR/ABS key, the flashing digit moves to the right.
  2. Change the number by using the PRINT key.
  3. Enter the decimal point behind the current digit using the REF key.
  4. Press the INCR/ABS key to set the number.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to change a parameter. If you press the INCR/ABS key while the flashing digit is the right?most the next current (flashing) digit will be the in left?most position.
  6. Press the current axis ZERO key to set the parameter.