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Descendants of Alexander Fairweather (1591)

Generation One
1. Alexander1 Fairweather (1591).
Children of Alexander1 Fairweather (1591) include:
Generation Two
2. Susan2 Fairweather (591) (Alexander1) was born in 1819 at Forfarshire, Scotland. She married James Matthew (1588) on 30 Nov 1838 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland. She married John Sinclair (590), son of Alexander Sinclair (592) and Anne McFarlane (593), on 30 Apr 1849 at Perth, Perth, Scotland. She died on 16 Mar 1865 at Perth, Scotland.
     George Robertson of Dunfermline, Scotland, suspects that Susan Fairweather may be the daugther of David Fairweather and Agnes Palmer. His argument is plausible. Until I can look at matter further, however, I will keep the lineage as is.

     Robertson's e-mail to me is quoted in its entirety below.

     -- David M. Lawrence


I think I contacted you some time ago re the above but I cannot find your reply.

My initial question is - how certain are you that Alexander Fairweather was Susan's father? I realise on her death, her then husband John Sinclair, gave her father's name as Alexander, which appears on her death certificate.

However, let me run the following past you.

As you are aware, Susan Fairweather married John Matthew (to whom I am related) at Dundee during 1838. They then had a daughter, Jemima, who was born 15/4/1841 at Dundee. She died at Dundee 29/7/1848. A son, David, was then born to Susan and James Matthew on 23/4/1843 at Dundee. He died 12/7/1848 at Dundee. The children are buried together in lair number 231 in St Peters Church graveyard, Dundee.

When this Susan married James Matthew on 13/11/1838, in the O.P.R. for Dundee, it is stated her father was - Da. (short for David) Fairweather. When her son David was born, she stated in the O.P.R., that the boy was named after his maternal grandfather - David Fairweather. James Matthew, Susan's husband died at sea - he was a ship master, and was drowned September, 1843.

My own research into Susan then stalled until I found your work on Rootsweb and your suggestion that Susan then married John Sinclair at Dundee on 30/4/1849.

As a result of your work, I have formed the view the Susan's referred to are one and the same person for the following reasons - Susan Matthew named her daughter Jemima - so did Susan Sinclair. Further, Susan Sinclair named one of her sons - Richard Duncan Sinclair. This name comes into the family of David Fairweather and Agnes Palmer whose daughter Martha married Richard Duncan in 1829 at Lundie near Dundee. If my thoughts are correct this means Susan was either the daughter of David Fairweather and Agnes Palmer or a very close relative to them. This couple died at Dundee during 1843 and 1845 respectively. Susan is not shown in any record as being the daughter of David and Agnes but I have evidence they had a son James- born around the same time as Susan and his birth is not recorded either. The deaths of David and Agnes in 1843 and 1845, might explain why Susan's husband John Sinclair stated her father was Alexander Fairweather, the simple fact being he did not know either of them, they being dead some years prior to him marrying Susan and therefore made a genuine mistake when registering her death in 1865.

Please do not think I am doubting your research in any way, but had I not found the details in the O.P.R. of David being the father of the Susan Fairweather who married James Matthew, I too, because of what was stated on her death certificate, would have been under the impression her father was Alexander Fairweather - all of this depends, of course, on whether the Susan's are one and the same girl.

So if they are the same girl - who is her father - David or Alexander?.


George Robertson, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.

Children of Susan2 Fairweather (591) and James Matthew (1588) both born at Dundee, Angus, Scotland, were as follows: Children of Susan2 Fairweather (591) and John Sinclair (590) were as follows:
Generation Three
5. John3 Sinclair (588) (Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 26 Feb 1851 at Kinnoull, Perth, Scotland. He married Annie Stewart McDougall (589), daughter of Robert McDougall (608) and Anny Stewart (609), on 6 Jul 1877 at Probably Perth, Scotland. He died on 9 Jun 1938 at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, at age 87.
Children of John3 Sinclair (588) and Annie Stewart McDougall (589) were:
Generation Four
13. John4 Sinclair (583) (John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 28 Jun 1890 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland. He married Betsy Nairn Barlow (584), daughter of James Barlow (594) and Betsy Nairn (595), on 24 Mar 1925. He died on 3 May 1961 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland, at age 70.
Children of John4 Sinclair (583) and Betsy Nairn Barlow (584) all born at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, were as follows:
Generation Five
14. Ian Barlow5 Sinclair (4) (John4, John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 4 Jan 1926 at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland. He married Frances Marie Zallar (5), daughter of Anton Andrew Zallar (581) and Mary Elizabeth Urbas (582), on 5 Oct 1957 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA. He died on 13 Jan 2014 at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, North Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, at age 88.
Children of Ian Barlow5 Sinclair (4) and Frances Marie Zallar (5) are as follows:
16. Douglas5 Sinclair (586) (John4, John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 10 Apr 1935 at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland. He married Mary Brewer (618) in Apr 1964 at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland.
Children of Douglas5 Sinclair (586) and Mary Brewer (618) all born at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, are as follows:
Generation Six
17. Susan Frances6 Sinclair (6) (Ian5, John4, John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 24 Oct 1958. She married Martin Reust (8) on 26 Jun 1982.
Children of Susan Frances6 Sinclair (6) and Martin Reust (8) are:
18. Alison Mary6 Sinclair (2) (Ian5, John4, John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 15 Mar 1961 at Berea, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA. She married David Meade Lawrence (1), son of George Marion Lawrence (10) and Kathleen Marie Yee (11), on 13 Oct 1991 at Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia, USA.
      Her married name was Sinclair (2).

Children of Alison Mary6 Sinclair (2) and David Meade Lawrence (1) were as follows:
Generation Seven
24. Bernadette Marie7 Reust (9) (Susan6 Sinclair, Ian5, John4, John3, Susan2 Fairweather, Alexander1) was born on 26 Aug 1983. She married Kirill Goncharov (3367) on 20 Jun 2009 at Bill Miller's Castle, Branford, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.
      As of 20 Jun 2009, her married name was Bernadette Marie Goncharova (9).

Children of Bernadette Marie7 Reust (9) and Kirill Goncharov (3367) are as follows:
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