Excerpts from Yee Jock Leong's address books

From Book No. 1:

Central Laundry
711 S.H. St.
Richmond, Ind.

Young China
4519 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, Mich.

Len Chong Hai
115 E. Spring Street
Columbus, Ohio

Sing Hee
920 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Columbus, Ohio

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State Rest.
13-1/2 E. State St.
Columbus, Ohio

Chas Soon
2185 N. High St.
Columbus, O.

Peacock Inn
238 N. Illinois St.
Indianapolis, Ind.

Henry Wong
309 Wayne St.
Piqua, O.

Yee Sing
117 E. Main St.
Troy, O.
(I'm not sure of the city name -- DML)

Geo. Quong
141 W. Main St.
Springfield, Ohio

Don Song Tong
842 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, Calif.

Yee Wing
32 N. Fountain St.
Springfield, Ohio

On Leong
21 Mott St.
New York, NY

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Orcar Soehner
675 S. Main St.
Dayton, O.
Phone Main 7193

Sticker and Sunt
Laura, Ohio

Dark County

Charles H. Reeve & Co.
248 Greenwich St.
New York City

Wing Wah Ching Co.
1279 Ontario St.
Cleveland, O.

Lavoris originl formula

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Page 6

Home Cafe
394 George St.
Peterboro, Ont., Can.

Sam Lee
917 Elm St.
Cincinnati, O.

Sam Kee
90 Willnut St.
Cincinnati, O.

Lim Yich Co.
1339 3rd St.
Detroit, Mich.

Leong Toy
8433 Hamilton Blvd.
Detroit, Mich.

Yee Sing
1906-2nd Av.
Detroit, Mich.

J.P. Lee
4090 W. Fort St.
Detroit, Mich.

Jim Yee
2059 Michigan Av.
Detroit, Mich.

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Page 8
Portido Nacional De China
Galiano 104 alto
Habana, Cuba
Kuo Min Tong
1025 Stockton St.
San Francisco, Calif
Main Office
519 California St.
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Page 9
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Page 10
The Chinese Nationalist League
529 Yare Ave.
Vancouver, B.C., Can.

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