Excerpts from Yee Jock Leong's address books

From Book No. 1:

On Leong
1307 Ontario St.
Cleveland, Ohio

Frank John
Box 42 c/o
RR 5
Dayton, O.

Sun Wah Yuen
621 College St.
Cincinnati, O.

Martin Kanar
4368 Wallace St.
St. Louis, Mo.

Page 31
Page 31
Page 32
Page 32
Nessler and Waggoner
Cincinnati, Ohio

American Armor Corporation
37-39 Front St.
New York City

Traceng Cloth

M.V. Mueller & Co.
2122 Cambridge St.
Baltimore, Md.

Imperial Aniline Blue

Page 33
Page 33
Page 34
Page 34
Van Yuk Shue
8 Lent Fat St.
Hong Kong, China

Wing Chong Shing
140 Winglock St.
Hong Kong, China

Sing Chong Tai
No. 457 Calle Desmarinas
Manila, P.L.

Yee Hing
San Mateo, Cal.

Quong Yuen Sing
Salinas City, Calif.

Toop Long Hong
844 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, Cal.

Page 35
Page 35
Page 36
Page 36
Shong Hai Law
510 Maret St.
St. Louis, Mo.

Star Laundry Supply
P.O. Box 489
Phone 6975 Office, Res 844

Yee Joe
21 Main St.
Fitchburg, Mass.

Quong On Shing
15 Mott St.
New York City

Thoma Thomas
Room 209, Po Bldg.
Cincinnati, O.

Wm. A. Robison
629 N. 4th Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Yee Wah Tong
Chicago, Ill.

Tung Tick Co.
146 W. 22nd St.
Chicago, Ill.

Page 37
Page 37
Page 38
Page 38
Yee Man Bonk
Dick Hoy
Hay Sun
Canton, China

Graves & Marshall
Dayton Steam Boiler Work
East 140

Burns Lawyer
High & Larg St.
Columbus, O.

P.D. & Co.



Dr. R. Schittmanns

Frank Mong
Box 59 7th Ave.
Dayton, O.

R.C. Mayer
Oil Properties
P.O. Box 952
Houston, Texas

Page 39
Page 39
Page 40
Page 40
Yee Jim
170 Brinkton Av.
Allston, Mass.

Dick Lum
428 5th St.
Dayton, O.

Dr. C.A. Ihle
610 Frulety

Yee Uah
2129 W. 2nd
Chicago, Ill.

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