United States Immigration Service,
Chinese Bureau,
San Francisco, Cal.,

August 22, 1903.

Mr. Charles Mehan,
Chinese Inspector in Charge,
San Francisco, Cal.


In re YEE JOCK LEONG, Native and Merchant's Son, No. 35, Ex S. S. "American Maru," Aug 17, 1903, I have the honor to report that there are no discrepancies or contradictions in the testimony of the applicant, his father, Yee Ging Wo, and the Chinese witness Ow Yung You. Their testimony is to the effect that the applicant was born at 741 Sacramento St. in K. S. 10th year, 1st month, 15th day.
This applicant bases his right to enter this country both upon the fact that he is a Native and also a Merchant's Son.
I visited the store of Kow Kee Jan & Co. at 840 Clay St., this city, and found the father of applicant actively engaged in conducting the business of the firm.
The testimony of the white witnesses is to the effect that the applicant's father is a bona fide Chinese merchant.

Ward E. Thompson
Chinese Inspector.


The manifest shows that the applicant's father arrived from China at the time he claims.