How to Run the Program

How to run the program

The program assumes you have already installed the GHCN1 and GHCN2 datasets.

The main form allows you to edit the paths to the respective GHCN datasets. It also as a memo field that provides updates on ongoing searches.

The Search menus allow you to select the dataset (GHCN1 or GHCN2) and type of search (country, station or latitude-longitude) desired.  All available climate data and metadata that meet the search criteria will be extracted.  Each Search menu is dialog-driven.  You supply the required information and press the appropriate button to start the search.

The Inventories menu call up files listing the weather stations included in the two GHCN databases.  You will have to refer to these to find the station identification code for a particular site.  Note that the codes differ between the two GHCN datasets.

The Help menu contains links to this file, a ClimExWin version history and documentation for both GHCN datasets.

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