The GHCNM v3 has been released.  This version currently contains monthly mean temperature, monthly maximum temperature andmonthly minimum temperature.  The station network for the time being, is the same as GHCN-Monthly version 2 (7280 stations).  A new software processing system is now responsible for daily reprocessing of the dataset. This reprocessing consists of a construction process that assembles the data in a specific source priority order, quality controls the data, identifies inhomogeneities and performs adjustments where possible. In addition, graphical products, including individual station time series plots are produced daily.

V3 contains two different dataset files per each of the three elements. "QCU" files represent the quality controlled unadjusted data, and "QCA" files represent the quality controlled adjusted data. The unadjusted data are often referred to as the "raw" data. It is important to note that the term "unadjusted" means that the developers of GHCNM have not made any adjustments to these received and/or collected data, but it is entirely possible that the source of these data (generally National Meteorological Services) may have made adjustments to these data prior to their inclusion within the GHCNM.  Often it is difficult or impossible to know for sure, if these original sources have made adjustments, so users who desire truly "raw" data would need to directly contact the data source.  The "adjusted" data contain bias corrected data (e.g. adjustments made by the developers of GHCNM), and so these data can differ from the "unadjusted" data.

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