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NOTE: Singapore links are included in this compilation because of the dominance of ethnic Chinese among the local population.

Book Reviews

In Search of Your Asian Roots reviewSheau-yueh J. Chao. 2000. In Search of Your Asian Roots: Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames. Baltimore: Clearfield Company Inc. (Printed by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.). 323 pp., illus., indexed, paper. ISBN 0-8063-4946-8. $29.95

Check out my review of In Search of Your Asian Roots.

Tracking the "Yellow Peril" reviewPeggy Spitzer Christoff. 2001. Tracking the "Yellow Peril": The INS and Chinese Immigrants in the Midwest. Rockport, ME: Picton Press. 256 pp., illus., indexed, paper. ISBN 0-89725-410-4. $24.95

Check out my review of Tracking the "Yellow Peril."


Family History:

These books will serve as useful references or as examples of Chinese family history:

I have the above at home. Another source (authored by a CHINA-L list member), which I do not have, is:

More information about the book can be found at Trevelyan Sue-A-Quan's Web site at

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