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I managed to travel a bit in my first four decades, and when I traveled, I took a camera. I've shot a hell of a lot of film in a hell of a lot of places, and I've wanted to share some of that with the rest of the world via the Web.

Thus far, my wanderings have taken me through 49 states and the District of Columbia, large swaths of Canada, Mexico and Indonesia, coastal and island portions of Venezuela and Grenada.

I first put my photographs of Indonesia online back in 1996. For a number of years, I either didn't have the time or equipment to scan my thousands of slides. Now I have the equipment, but time is still a problem. Nevertheless, I will add stuff as I can.

To explore my photography, pick a hemisphere map (North America and Carribbean Sea, Northern and Central Pacific, or Southwest Pacific Region)and select a site by clicking on the appropriate portions of the maps below, or choose from a list of sites below each map.

Western Hemisphere:
North America and Caribbean Sea

Western Hemisphere -- North AmericaTravels in CanadaTravels in HawaiiTravels in MexicoVenezuela to Grenada cruiseTravels throughout the United States

Western Hemisphere (mostly, anyway):
Northern and Central Pacific Region

Western Hemisphere -- Hawai'iTravels in IndonesiaTravels in MexicoTravels throughout the United StatesTravels in CanadaTravels in Hawaii

Places to visit:

  1. United States
    1. Hawai'i
  2. Indonesia

Eastern Hemisphere:
Southwest Pacific Region

Eastern Hemisphere -- Asia, Australia and Southwest PacificTravels in Indonesia

Places to visit:

  1. Indonesia

NOTE ON THE MAP PROJECTIONS: The maps above were produced using a Vertical Perspective Azimuthal projection, which shows the Earth as if viewed from 35,840 km (a little more than 22,000 miles) away. I give praise to Charles Culberson's excellent Versamap program which allows me to produce the base maps. They were shaded and annotated using Adobe Illustrator.

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