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David Meade Lawrence was born on 12 Nov 1961 at Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts. Alison Mary Sinclair was born on 15 Mar 1961 in Berea, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They were married on 13 Oct 1991 in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia. David and Alison are the parents of two children, Malcolm Owain and Mei Seul, one dog, Yugi, three cats, Bali, Jin, and Italy, and two snakes, Isabel and Gaston.

RootsWeb Resources

RootsWeb resourcesI manage a Chinese genealogy discussion list, CHINA; a Slovenian genealogy discussion list, SLOVENIA; ChinaGenWeb, TaiwanGenWeb, and TibetGenWeb; the China, Slovenia, Taiwan and Tibet general message boards; the FEWELL mailing list and FEWELL message board; the LAWRENCE mailing list and LAWRENCE message board; the MIXON mailing list and MIXON message board; the TUTHILL mailing list; the WHITTEMORE mailing list and WHITTEMORE message board; the YEE mailing list and YEE message board; and the ZALLAR mailing list and ZALAR message board.

Don't forget to check out the FEWELL, LAWRENCE, MIXON, TUTHILL, WHITTEMORE, and ZALLAR surname resource pages, too.

I have compiled a few links
to Chinese genealogical resources for your perusal.

In Search of Your Asian RootsCheck out my review of the book, In Search of Your Asian Roots: Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames.
Tracking the "Yellow Peril"Check out my review of the book, Tracking the "Yellow Peril": The INS and Chinese Immigrants in the Midwest.

Our family's history on the World Wide Web

The David M. Lawrence/Alison M. Sinclair family history is a Web-based, searchable version of our GEDCOM file.  It is part of RootsWeb's WorldConnect project.

Another integrated version of our family information can be found at David M. Lawrence/Alison M. Sinclair combined genealogy pages prepared using Second Site.

I've been experimenting with phpGedView and phpMyFamily.

NOTE: The ancestor and descendant charts below were prepared using The Master Genealogist.

David M. Lawrence resources

The Ancestors of David Meade Lawrence pages contain an overview of David's ancestry. David have two "Ancestors" pages:.

More information on specific lines can be found in:

Yee Jock Leong

My great-grandfather, Yee Jock Leong

My great-grandfather was born in San Francisco in 1884, but he had strong ties to Chinese communities in the United States, Canada and China.  These web pages document what little I know of his life.

Alison M. Sinclair resources

The Ancestors of Alison Mary Sinclair pages contain an overview of Alison's ancestry. Alison have two "Ancestors" pages:

More information on specific lines can be found in:

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