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I have rather eclectic interests which will, in time, be reflected in the types of links on this page.  Current link categories are:

Personal links
Climate and Weather
Dendrochronology (Tree-Ring Dating)
Shortwave Radio

Personal links

The Lawrence-Sinclair genealogy pages: I have done a lot of research over the years into the history of my family and that of my wife, Alison Sinclair. These pages are a good guide to our genealogical past.

I went on a research trip to Indonesia in March and April of 1996.   Later I produced this photo essay about my experiences. I am now adding photo essays of other trips and expedititions. They can be found on my Travels page.

Prior to beginning work on my book, Upheaval from the Abyss, I worked as a Web jockey for Digital City Hampton Roads, The Newport News, Va., Daily Press, and the Daily Record in Morris County, N.J. I had put together several special web projects that I, at least, found rewarding. Most of the special projects I worked on no longer exist because of site redesigns (or changes in cooperative agreements between corporations).  Here is, as far as I know, the only surviving link:

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Climate and Weather:

National Climatic Data Center
National Geophysical Data Center
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The Weather Channel

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Dendrochronology (Tree-Ring Dating):

For more information about many of these sites, check out Henri Grissino-Mayer's Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages, the best individual tree-ring site in cyberspace.  I used his site as one of my guides in compiling this list, but Henri's site provides much more information than I do -- not only about these links, but about all aspects of dendrochronology.

The Ancient Cross Timbers Project, Tree-Ring Laboratory, University of Arkansas
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine
The Cliff Ecology Research Group
Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia
DendroLab, University of Nevada, Reno
Dendrolabor Hohenheim
Hal Fritts' Home Page
Henri Grissino-Mayer's Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages
International Tree-Ring Data Bank
Institute for Forest Growth
Istituto Italiano di Dendrochronologia
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona
Laboratory for Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology, University of Lund
The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology
National Wetlands Research Center
PISCES Laboratory, University of California, Los Angeles
Quarternary Biogeography Lab, Queens University at Kingston, Canada
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL)
Tree-Ring Laboratory, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Tree-Ring Laboratory, University of Georgia
Tree-Ring Laboratory, University of Victoria

Mailing lists for dendrochronologists:

    ITRDBFOR is an e-mail distribution list for dendrochronology: to subscribe send a message to LISTSERV@listserv.Arizona.EDU   containing nothing but the text SUBSCRIBE ITRDBFOR followed by your first and last names, e.g.


(the subject of the message does not matter).

    CAMBIUM is a similar e-mail list for people interested in the cambium of trees and shrubs: to subscribe send a message to LISTSERV@listserv.Arizona.EDU containing nothing but the text SUBSCRIBE CAMBIUM followed by your first and last names, e.g.


(the subject of the message does not matter).

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The BOREAS Project
Ecological Society of America
Ecology WWW page
The Ordination Web Page

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Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet
Family Tree Maker
The Master Genealogist
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
The USGenWeb Project
The WorldGenWeb Project

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American Geographical Society
Association of American Geographers
Canadian Geographical Society
Environmental Systems Research Institute
National Geographic Society
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers
U.S. Census Bureau Geography
U.S. Geological Survey

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Cable News Network
Charlottesville Daily Progress
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Daily Record, Parsippany, N.J.
Editor & Publisher Interactive
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Freedom Forum
Index on Censorship
National Association of Science Writers
The New York Times
The New York Times Syndicate
Society of Environmental Journalists
USA Today
Washington Post

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Shortwave Radio:

Black Cat Systems's Shortwave Radio Links
North American Shortwave Association
Shortwave FAQ
Shortwave Listening Guide
Shortwave/Radio Catalog
(The Shortwave/Radio Catalog is/was a popular site. I can find alleged links to it on its server(s), but I cannot find the pages. I hope it turns up soon.)

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